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OpenBCI for prototyping and POC development

In the early stages of neurotechnology development, one critical question often arises: Can current scientific understanding and technology effectively support the envisioned idea? Addressing this question at an early stage is crucial for the success of any neurotech project.

We have discovered that utilizing general-purpose, consumer-grade devices such as the OpenBCI offers a strategic approach to resolving these initial uncertainties. The use of such devices allows for a preliminary evaluation of the idea, providing insights at both the hardware and software levels. This early prototype testing is invaluable in gauging the feasibility of the concept and understanding the practical challenges that might arise.

16 channel OpenBCI EEG cap

By employing tools like OpenBCI in the initial phases, it becomes possible to experiment with various aspects of the project without committing to a specific design or direction. This flexibility is key when considering the range of choices that need to be made, such as selecting the appropriate form factor, algorithmic approach, processing pipeline, and desired functionality. Moreover, it aids in determining how these elements can be seamlessly integrated into the final product.

If you’re exploring a neurotech application but uncertain about its feasibility, reach out to us. We can help test, refine, and transform your idea into a viable solution.

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