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Data Science, Machine Learning & AI
for Neurotechnology and Neuroscience


The aim of Neurotech Lab is to support research in neuroscience and practical adoption of neurotechnology. My goal is to grow an expert team that specialises in providing guidance and strategic insights in application of machine learning and artificial intelligence to neural data. Neurotech Lab is open to collaboration with a diverse range of clients – from individual innovators and startups to healthcare organisations and academic institutions.

Neurotech Lab operates at the intersection of research and practical application, offering expert advice and solutions that are grounded in the latest scientific knowledge. Our consultancy is dedicated to empowering clients with the necessary tools and insights to navigate the complex landscape of neurotechnology, whether it be in product development, research methodologies, or integrating new technologies into healthcare systems.

What drives us is the belief in the transformative power of neurotechnology and its capacity to redefine our approach to understanding and enhancing brain function. Through Neurotech Lab, we strive to facilitate this transformation by bridging the gap between cutting-edge research and real-world application, ensuring our clients are equipped to make informed decisions and achieve their objectives in this dynamic and rapidly evolving field.

Ilya Kuzovkin, PhD
Director, Neurotech Lab

Neurotech Lab operates globally with headquarters in Sydney, Australia

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