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Data Science, Machine Learning & AI
for Neurotechnology and Neuroscience


At Neurotech Lab, we specialize in a range of services and expertise within Neurotechnology, Neuroscience, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Brain-Computer Interfaces. The field of neurotechnology research services is in its nascency and necessitates custom approaches in most instances — while this page provides a general overview of the services we offer, we are committed to adapting and expanding our capabilities to meet the unique needs of our clients in neurotechnology and research.


We help convert neurotech ideas into functional solutions with the right technical tools and knowledge.


We provide research support by handling the execution and management of neural data processing pipelines and subsequent statistical analysis, focusing on scientific accuracy and methodological rigor.

Brain-Computer Interfaces

We develop and deploy BCI systems, ensuring methodological robustness and practical utility.

Machine Learning and AI

We adapt and apply modern AI and classical machine learning and statistical methods to neural data in research and applications.

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